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Giorno 1


Breakfast at the hotel, meeting with the guide and visit of Naples: Spaccanapoli, entrance to the Chapel of San Severo and the Veiled Christ: one of the most famous and evocative works of art in the world, continue to the CHIOSTRO DI SANTA CHIARA, the Cathedral and the Crypt until reaching San Gregorio Armeno. Lunch at your leisure, in the afternoon continuation of the guided tour of the city with the Maschio Angioino, one of the symbols of the city of Naples, a historic castle built in 1266 by Charles I of Anjou, continue to the San Carlo Theatre, Galleria Umberto I , Piazza Plebiscito and the Royal Palace. Return to the hotel, dinner and overnight stay.

Giorno 2


Breakfast at the hotel, guided excursion to Herculaneum: The Herculaneum Archaeological Park is one of the most visited sites in Italy. Rising on the slopes of Vesuvius, the Campanian city was razed to the ground by the volcanic eruption of 79 AD and the ruins were submerged under layers of ash, lapilli and mud. The archaeological park is now one of the main Italian sites listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Free lunch return to hotel, dinner and overnight stay.

Giorno 3


Breakfast at the hotel, guided excursion to the Royal Palace of Caserta: Strongly desired by the King of Naples, Charles of Bourbon, who wanted to see a structure built that could compete with that of Versailles, and also to give Naples buildings that could play the role of a capital-city on a European level. The Reggia is a true masterpiece of architecture and decoration, walking inside you are amazed by the continuous succession of works of art, stuccoes, bas-reliefs, frescoes, sculptures and inlaid floors. At the end of the visit, we continue to the gardens. Free lunch, return to the hotel, dinner and overnight stay.

Excursions in Nature :

Amalfi Coast Trekking in the Ferriere Valley: The Ferriere Valley is a unique place. It is easily reached on foot from Amalfi, with about an hour's walk. Inside, there are waterfalls and water paths that make the environment very cool even in the height of summer.

Excursion to the Campi Flegrei: The Campi Flegrei represent an area that belongs to classical mythology. This land of extraordinary natural resources and landscape was the backdrop to many of the events described in the Odyssey. The Campi Flegrei, chosen by the ancient Romans as the site of several imperial villas, overlook the caldera of Europe's largest volcano. This underground giant, considered by experts to be one of the most dangerous supervolcanoes in the world, may have contributed to the extinction of Neanderthal man. In fact, its eruption some 40,000 years ago shielded the sun's rays, causing a 'volcanic winter' that lasted two years.

Visit to the Crater of Vesuvius: Walking Track to the Cone of the Crater of Vesuvius with a volcanological guide

Boat trip to Ischia: Ischia is a popular destination for tourists due to the presence of large and luxurious spas, the beauty of the beaches, the wide range of excursion options and the possibility of visiting incredibly fascinating places.