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For more than a decade, Geko Group has been turning school trips into unforgettable adventures, with more than 720 unique experiences per year.
The best for your holiday. Geko Group has been organising honeymoons, individual and group travel for over 12 years.

Geko Group – Adult World

We are present as a Travel Agency in our Manerbio and Busseto offices for individual trips, honeymoons and cruises, and we collaborate with the best national and international brands to guarantee the best for your holiday. We offer group travel planning: day or multi-day trips both in Italy and Europe.
Our years of experience in the tourism sector allow us to offer you unique proposals, trips, tours and itineraries.

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Honeymoon: Rely on Geko Viaggi to organise your honeymoon. Thanks to our expert staff, you can design and organise your honeymoon, planning every detail in advance to live your dream to the full.
With a travel agency honeymoon list, you will be able to choose the itinerary you prefer and allow relatives and friends to help give you an unforgettable trip.
How does the travel honeymoon list work?
1) you choose your trip with the help of our advisors or by consulting our proposals
2) we open your honeymoon list, indicating your travel destination
3) friends and relatives can give you their honeymoon as a gift by purchasing travel shares either online by credit card or by bank transfer
4) you will have a reserved area with a personal password so that you can view your up-to-date honeymoon list at any time.

Relaxing holidays and faraway destinations

Your journey starts here, choose from a wide range of destinations and rely on our experts to organise the holiday of your choice.
Explore the world with our travel agency! Choose your ideal holiday from packages and dream destinations.
Live unique experiences with us, make every trip an unforgettable adventure!



Our group trips, the value of experience

Check out our collection of guided group trips in Italy and Europe, our programming offers the most classic and popular itineraries together with new programmes.
Visiting places full of history, admiring enchanting panoramas, sharing interests and curiosities in all seasons of the year; our group travel programme offers many ideas and good reasons to set off in company. Amid museums, palaces and gardens, lose yourself in the wonder of a small village, the essence of a wine tasting or a pleasant evening among fellow travellers.
Our trips are supervised by experienced and qualified Geko Viaggi guides.

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All participants of any type of trip benefit from the Unipol Sai insurance policy, which includes: medical assistance, insurance for theft or damage to luggage.


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Each staff member not only plans and implements the trip, but also follows it directly throughout its execution until the group’s return to headquarters. Our operator has a mobile phone number and provides assistance to all travelling groups. You can find us in Manerbio and Busseto.