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Day 1


Breakfast at the hotel, meeting with the guide and visit to the Valley of the Temples: an archaeological wonder in a dream setting, the Valley of the Temples is world-famous for its imposing Doric temples, which are one of the most significant testimonies of Greek culture and art. The Greek temples, symbols of Agrigento for centuries, are universally recognised as the most fascinating and majestic testimony that Magna Graecia bequeathed to Sicily and the whole of Italy. Two examples above all: the temple of the Dioscuri and the temple of Heracles. Free lunch, return to the hotel, dinner and overnight stay.

Day 2


Breakfast at the hotel. The whole day is dedicated to visiting the city, famous throughout the world for its numerous monuments and excavations from the Greco-Roman period preserved in the Archaeological Park: The Greek Theatre. Built in the rock, the largest theatrical scenic installation of antiquity; the immense Roman Amphitheatre, the Altar of Hieron II, the Ear of Dionysus and the Tomb of Archimedes. Free lunch, dinner and overnight stay in a hotel.

Day 3


The 3,340-metre-high active volcano, affectionately called 'Mamma Etna' by the Sicilians, characterises the appearance of the east coast. The excursion to the volcano Etna is carried out with a volcanological guide and is one of the most impressive and fascinating excursions in the 'moonscape' of Piano delle Concazze, the volcanological observatory of Pizzi Deneri. In addition to the hike at an altitude of 3,000 metres, we will also visit the Frattura Eruttiva, also known as the "Bottoniera". Free lunch, dinner and overnight stay in a hotel.

Day 4,


Guided tour of the city and the major monuments such as the Church of S. Giovanni degli Eremiti, the Cathedral, the Norman Palace with the magnificent Palatine Chapel. The Cathedral and the Benedictine Cloister in Monreale are also enchanting. Free lunch, free afternoon, dinner and overnight stay in a hotel.

Legality tour: The places of memory. The Legality Tour in Palermo is a guided tour that is particularly suitable for schools and is also an educational walk that serves to raise everyone's awareness on such an important issue as the mafias.

Boat excursion to the Egadi Islands